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For those with colour-treated hair who frequently use heat styling tools and suffer from colour fade between salon visits, the Kerastase Serum Chroma Thermique is the ultimate solution. In today’s review, I’ll give you an overview and my thoughts on what this new product can provide in more detail.

Table of Contents: Kerastase Serum Chroma Thermique

Kerastase Serum Chroma Thermique Review

My Thoughts On Kerastase Serum Chroma Thermique

As a hairstylist, I have seen the damage external elements can cause to colour-treated hair. From UV damage to heat styling up to 230°C, these can all lead to dull and damaged locks. That’s why I always recommend using a heat protection cream like Kerastase Serum Chroma Thermique.

With a lightweight and easy-to-use consistency, it helps protect your hair from heat and moisturises and reduces porosity, ensuring your colour stays vibrant and lasts longer.

Enriched with Lactic Acid and Centella Asiatica, this heat protection cream coats each strand of hair, providing a shield against the damaging effects of external elements such as pollution, heating, air conditioning and weather. The spray is easy to use, it is technically as cream, but the consistency is liquid enough to come out the nozzle of the bottle.

Kerastase Serum Chroma Thermique also helps reduce frizz and adds shine to your locks. No more flyaways or dull hair – this product has got you covered! Plus, it helps preserve your hair’s colour by preventing oxidation, so you can enjoy vibrant locks for longer.

I have personally used this heat protection cream on my client’s hair, and the results are always impressive. Not only does it protect their hair from damage, but it also leaves it looking smoother, shinier, and easier to style and give client’s that just left the salon look.

Kerastase Serum Chroma Thermique Hair Benefits

  • It will help to protect hair from heat up to 230°C, so it is perfect for blowdrying after washing and then using straighteners or curling tongs.
  • Moisturises and reduces porosity, which helps to lock in your hairstyle and look.
  • It adds shine and reduces frizz so your curls, waves or straight hair looks healthier.
  • Preserve colour by preventing oxidation caused by heat styling tools or the weather.
  • Enriched with Lactic Acid and Centella Asiatica, which coat each strand of hair for added protection and shine.
  • Suitable for all hair types, especially colour-treated hair needing protection and moisture.
  • Lightweight formula that won’t weigh your hair down or leave it feeling greasy. 

How to Use Kerastase Serum Chroma Thermique

  1. Start by washing your hair with a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Towel dry your hair until it’s damp, and then apply a pea-sized amount of Serum Chroma Thermique to the lengths and ends of your hair.
  3. Comb through to distribute evenly.
  4. Use a heat protectant spray for added protection before blow-drying or using any heat styling tools.
  5. Style as desired, and enjoy protected, moisturised, and vibrant locks.

Who Would Benefit From Using It

Kerastase Serum Chroma Thermique Heat Protection Cream is perfect for anyone with colour-treated hair who wants to maintain its vibrancy and health. Whether you have frizzy or damaged hair, this product can help protect and improve the overall appearance of your hair.

Colour fades over time and in between salon visits, so using this heat protection cream can help preserve your colour and keep it looking fresh for longer.

This product is a must-have if you regularly use heat-styling tools such as blow dryers, straighteners, or curling irons. It provides a protective barrier against high heat up to 230°C where damage can occur, preventing damage to your hair fibres and preserving its health.

Final Thoughts

Kerastase Serum Chroma Thermique Heat Protection Cream is a must-have product for anyone with colour-treated hair. It not only protects your locks from damage caused by external elements but also moisturises, reduces porosity, and adds shine to your hair. Enriched with Lactic Acid and Centella Asiatica, this lightweight formula coats each strand of hair for added protection and vibrancy.

Whether you want to blow dry, straighten or curl your hair, this product is perfect for creating a protective barrier against high heat. Plus, with regular use, it can help preserve your hair’s colour by preventing oxidation. If you have bleached or highlighted hair, then take a look at our guide to the best heat protection for blonde hair – with a some great picks to suit all budgets.

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