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The DrDent Professional LED Teeth Whitening Kit has recently received much attention, offering fast and effective results. Its advanced LED technology can help remove years of staining from your teeth in just under an hour. In this comprehensive review, we will look at how to use the kit, whether it is safe for your teeth, before-and-after results, value for money and its overall pros and cons.

DrDent Professional LED Teeth Whitening

Make Your Teeth 8 Shades Lighter

The DrDent Professional LED Teeth Whitening Kit claims to make your teeth 8 shades lighter. The kit has a powerful blue LED light, two whitening gels, and an ergonomic mouthpiece design for comfortable use. Whilst 8 shades is possible, this was rare, and a more realistic goal would be 6-7 shades – which has been reported by many users and testers. 6-7 is an excellent result; you will 100% notice the difference and feel more confident when you smile.

How To Use DrDent Professional LED Teeth Whitening Kit

Using the DrDent Professional LED Teeth Whitening Kit is straightforward. Start by brushing and flossing your teeth just like normal. Next, apply the included gel onto your mouth tray.

Then turn on and place the mouth tray into your mouth and wait for 20 minutes until you hear a beep sound indicating that it’s time to switch off the device—you may need to repeat this cycle up to 3 times depending on how stained or discoloured your teeth are. After each whitening session, gargle some water in your mouth, then rinse thoroughly.

Blue LED Light Mouth Tray

The DrDent Professional LED Teeth Whitening Kit utilises a blue LED light technology which is more powerful than many other kits. The blue light works by activating the whitening gel, causing it to penetrate deep into your enamel and break down any existing stains. This technology is proven effective and safer than UV light in whitening.

Before & After: DrDent LED Teeth Whitening Kit

DrDent Professional LED Teeth Whitening Before And After Results

Before using the DrDent Professional LED Teeth Whitening kit, most users had visible staining caused by things like coffee, tea, red wine and other items, which gave an overall yellow appearance to their smile. After completing the treatment, however, there was a significant improvement. Most users noted whiter teeth in tone and brightness levels. Some users even reported seven shades difference! According to DrDent, following the 8-day course can make your teeth 8 shades whiter. However, 8 shades would be too optimistic.

What Stains Can It Remove

The DrDent Professional LED Teeth Whitening Kit can help remove stains caused by

  • Coffee-based drinks.
  • Teas.
  • Red Wines.
  • Smoking and tobacco products.
  • Starchy food like pasta and potatoes.
  • Tomato-based sauces and curry sauces.
  • Dark fizzy drinks such as cola.
  • Dark fruit juices such as blueberry, cranberry and grape juice.

Is DrDent Professional LED Teeth Whitening Kit Safe?

Yes! The DrDent LED Teeth Whitening Kit has been clinically tested by dentists and proven safe for home and professional use. It is made with FDA-approved ingredients that help remove years of staining without damaging enamel or healthy tooth structure beneath it, making it safe for users of all ages.

DrDent Peroxide-Free Gel

DrDent Professional Teeth Whitening Kit uses a gel-free from peroxide and other harsh chemicals, which helps reduce the risk of sensitivity and protects against any damage to your teeth. The teeth whitening gel has been made with PAP (phthalimide peroxy caproic acid), a milder yet equally effective whitening agent used in dental offices to provide faster and more effective results.

What Is PAP: Phthalimide Peroxy Caproic Acid?

Phthalimide peroxy caproic acid is a milder and water-soluble whitening agent used to remove years of staining from your teeth. It is also known as PAP and is gentler on the tooth enamel than other whitening agents like hydrogen peroxide while still providing effective results. According to a 2017 dental study, PAP showed significant whitening effects after one use, something which at the time was yet reported for hydrogen peroxide products.

DrDent LED Whitening Kit Ideal For Sensitive Teeth

DrDent whitening gel pods have been developed specifically for sensitive teeth and gums. The formula works quickly to penetrate deep into the enamel, which helps reduce sensitivity while providing noticeable results in just one session. DrDent gel uses soothing extracts of aloe vera, pomegranate seed and chamomile that help reduce inflammation, making it ideal for sensitive teeth.

Value For Money Vs Dentist Treatments/Kits

This product provides good value for money compared to similar products today for its performance, quality and convenience. Whilst compared to professional dentistry teeth whitening, this kit offers terrific value for money. In the UK, depending on the location and reputation, whitening treatments can cost £350 – £1,000 at a dental practice. While a take-home kit prescribed and sold by your dental professionals can cost £200 – £400. So long as you follow instructions correctly, getting good results and saving yourself money shouldn’t be an issue.

DrDent Professional LED Teeth Whitening Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use – no special skills are needed, but remember to read and follow the instructions thoroughly.
  • Clinical results – remove years’ worth of stains quickly & safely.
  • Up to 8 shades whiter when following the entire program.
  • Peroxide-free gel – reduced risk of sensitivity and no damage to the enamel.
  • So much cheaper than dental practice whitening.
  • Feel more confident when you smile in those pictures.
  • Good value for money compared to other teeth whitening kits.
  • Additional gel pods are readily available to buy online for a reasonable price.
  • Over 80% of customers have given this kit a 4-star and above rating – taken from over 11,000 reviews.


  • Results may vary depending on the severity of the staining you are starting with.

Keeping Your Teeth White

To keep your teeth looking their whitest after using the DrDent Professional LED Teeth Whitening Kit, you should avoid foods and drinks that contain staining agents, such as coffee, tea, and red wine. Additionally, you should brush your teeth twice daily with good-quality toothpaste and consider using an electric toothbrush.

Most dentists recommend using electric toothbrushes as the most effective way to keep your teeth white and healthy. I suggest reading our Oral-B iO9 and Oral-B iO10 reviews to know which electric toothbrushes are available. If one of these devices is not for you, and you prefer the manual approach, make sure you brush regularly and keep an eye on the condition of your brush. A tatty old toothbrush is less effective and can damage your gums.

DrDent Professional LED Teeth Whitening Kit Alternatives

Other alternatives to the DrDent Professional LED Teeth Whitening Kit include DrDent Whitening Strips, Snow Teeth Whitening Strips, DrDent Whiteneing Strips, and others. These products offer similar features but may vary in price, results and ease of use.

Final Thoughts

The DrDent Professional Teeth Whitening Kit is an excellent choice for anyone looking to safely and effectively whiten their teeth. It’s easy to use, provides up to eight shades, gets whiter clinical results when following the whole program, and is much cheaper than dental practice whitening treatments. Plus, the peroxide-free gel helps reduce sensitivity risk while still providing noticeable results after just one session. With over 80% of customers giving this kit a 4-star rating or higher from more than 11,000 reviews, you can be sure that your money will be well spent on this product. Ensure you read and follow all instructions fully to get the maximum benefit of using DrDent Professional LED Teeth Whitening!

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