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Do you want a toothbrush to make your oral hygiene routine easier and more effective? The Oral-B iO10 Electric Toothbrush may be the perfect choice for you. It comes with a pretty heft price tag, so before you part with your money, you’ll want to know if the Oral-B iO10 is really worth it. In this article, we’ll examine the Oral-B iO10 – in terms of its performance and key features. Next, we will see how it differs from its predecessor, which we looked at in our Oral-B iO9 review. Finally, we will look at the key pros and cons and summarise this review.

Table of Contents: Oral-B iO10 Review

Oral-B iO10 Electric Toothbrush Review

The Oral-B iO10 Electric Toothbrush is the latest and greatest in dental hygiene technology. With precise movement recognition technology and state-of-the-art pressure sensors, this toothbrush will help you achieve a deeper clean while protecting your gums from excessive brushing. Its modern design provides maximum comfort while brushing, and its intuitive app enables you to keep track of your dental hygiene habits with ease.

From its attractive speckled finish to its easy-to-grip body, the iO10 Electric Toothbrush looks as good as it works. The brush automatically wakes when picked up, so there’s no need to fumble around for the on switch. When placed in the charging base, the device magnetically sticks in place for practicality and convenience; no more leaving behind dirt and grime in those hard-to-reach crevices! The iOSense charger is new and even guides and coaches you through your brushing routine – tailored just for you!

Oral-B iO10 Cleaning Performance

In terms of performance, this Oral-B electric toothbrush packs a punch. It cleans with precision and gentle force, making it perfect for users who tend to over-brush their teeth due to its pressure sensor that can detect how hard or soft you are brushing. For even more detail about your brushing habits, pair the brush with its companion app and get detailed insights into each session, such as which areas of your mouth have been cleaned most effectively. The new iO10 also has a live-coaching feature on the Sense Smart Charger base that will tell you extactly what your teeth need.

Oral-B iO10 Vs IO9 Electric Toothbrush

The two models have just a few differences regarding performance and most features. I wouldn’t bother upgrading if you own the Oral-B iO9 electric toothbrush and it is still doing the job. However, if you genuinely need a new electric toothbrush and want the latest and greatest model, go for the Oral-B iO10. There are a few differences, though, so we must talk about them.

Oral-B iO10 Design

The main differences lie within the design. The iO10 has a more modern look and feel with its speckled silver finish, while the iO9 is a more classic finish. Also, the handle on the iO10 has a better grip texture than the iO9, so it is easier to hold. On the negative side though, we only have 2 colours to choose from.

Oral-B iOSense & Sense Smart Charger

These are subtle and superficial changes, but the Oral-B iOSense and Sense Smart Charger are the crucial difference! The Sense Smart Charger provides personalized live coaching as you brush your teeth and intuitively guides you in real-time so that the cleaning is tailored just for your teeth – which is pretty cool. Sense technology also can provide visual signals and responses on how you are brushing via the different LED screens on the charging base.

Colour Screen

Oh, and the LED screen on the brush is a little different too. The iO10 uses a colour screen which is very easy to read and select modes and settings on the fly. Again, this is not a reason to upgrade your iO9 is still performing, but it is a nice feature if you need to buy a new one.

Besides these differences, all-in-all, there are more similarities than there are differences. We hope we’ve fully explained what’s new and what’s not with the Oral-B iO10 Electric Toothbrush. The upgrade is unwarranted if you own an iO9 and it’s still performing well. But, if you are in the market for a new electric toothbrush that packs a punch, then the iO10 is worth considering.

What's In The iO Series 10 Box?

  • iO Series 10 toothbrush handle, which is the actual brush.
  • Ultimate Clean brush head.
  • iO Sense smart charger, which is new to this model.
  • Power2go travel case to keep your device safe and protected when travelling.
  • Travel case power adapter.
  • Trush head refill holder.
  • User manual and complete documentation.

Oral-B iO10 Electric Toothbrush Pros & Cons


  • Deep clean thanks to precise movement recognition and pressure sensors.
  • Modern design provides maximum comfort while brushing.
  • The intuitive app offers detailed insights into each brushing session.
  • Sense Smart charger provides personalized live coaching as you brush.
  • Oral-B’s most advanced and up-to-date electric toothbrush.
  • It removes more plaque than previous models and is a real standout in the field.


  • Expensive.

Final Thoughts On The Oral-B iO10 Electric Toothbrush

The Oral-B iO10 Electric Toothbrush is a great choice for those upgrading their dental hygiene routine. An excellent tool for anyone looking for superior dental hygiene results without settling for dull smiles or poor oral health practices. Its precise movement recognition technology, combined with state-of-the-art pressure sensors, ensures deep cleaning action while protecting gums from any potential harm caused by aggressive brushing sessions. Not only does this advanced product provide exceptional results, but it looks good doing it, too, with an elegant design.

This new electric brush is accompanied by practical features like a time display on the charging base and guided real-time instructions tailored to you. The magnetic dock holding feature on the base and handy travel case for safe keeping anytime, anywhere! Long story short: if you want maximum comfort during brushing sessions that result in sparkling white pearly whites, then go ahead and invest in Oral B’s iO10 Electric Toothbrush now!

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