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Kerastase Ultra-Violet Masque Review Guide

Introducing the Kerastase Ultra-Violet Masque: the superhero of hair masques. It’s time to wave goodbye to dull, flat, and lifeless locks and welcome in shine, vitality, and body. This luxurious purple-hued hair masque promises to save your strands from damage and give them the ultimate hydration boost. But does it deliver? Read on to find out more about this hair-saving wonder and get our verdict.

What's Under The Lid

Kerastase Ultra-Violet Masque Review

If you have colour-treated hair, this mask could be especially beneficial as its violet pigment helps neutralise brassiness while adding a subtle soft tinting effect to blondes and light brown hues. It also contains vitamin E enriched in ceramides which deeply nurtures each strand of hair. The purple-violet pigment will not permanently change the colour of your hair, and it is more of a toning effect which will keep it looking its best and help neutralise those yellow and brassy tones. You can use the mask with Kerastase Bain Ultra-Violet instead of Kerastase Cicaflash conditioner. You could alternate between the two, so use the regular conditioner one time, then next time, use this mask. Kerastase Ultra-Violet Masque is a must-have for blondes who like to maintain an ashy light blonde look.

If you’re looking for a product that can help restore your hair’s vibrancy and health, the Kerastase Masque Ultra Violet is undoubtedly worth considering. This deep treatment mask is designed to provide an intense nourishing boost to dull, dry and damaged hair while also helping to protect it from fading. It can help reduce split ends and frazzled strands while making your locks look smoother, shinier and more vibrant.

How To Use The Kerastase Ultra-Violet Treatment

To make the most of this mask, use it once or twice a week after shampooing. Massage the product into your hair, focusing on any, particularly on the mid-lengths and ends, then leave the mask in for 7-10 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. To experience maximum benefits, cover your head with a shower cap while waiting for the product to do its magic! Kerastase is a professional product and concentrated, so you can allow only a little. Start with a 50p piece amount for medium-length hair, and add more if required. For those of you with shorter hairstyles, reduce the amount of product you use.

Kerastase Ultra-Violet Masque FAQs

Q: Is this mask suitable for all hair types?
A: The Kerastase Ultra-Violet Masque best suits coloured and chemically-treated hair. However, it can be used on natural blondes.
Q: How long does the product need to stay in my hair?
A: We recommend leaving the mask in your hair for 7-10 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. For best results, cover your head with a shower cap while waiting for the product to take effect
Q: Should I use it every time I wash my hair?
A: We recommend using the masque once or twice a week to ensure your hair gets all the nourishment it needs.
Q: How long will the Kerastase Ultra-Violet Masque treatment last?
A: The mask will provide long-lasting nourishment and protection to your hair when used regularly. Over time, the toning effects will fade the more you wash your hair with regular shampoo. It should be used in combination with other Kerastase products for optimal results.

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Final Thoughts On Kerastase Ultra-Violet Masque

The Kerastase Ultra-Violet Masque is an intense treatment that promises to nourish and protect colour-treated hair from fading and breakage. With vitamin E-enriched ceramides and a unique violet pigment, this mask can help restore vibrancy to dull locks and leave them looking healthier and shinier than ever before. Get the blonde you want and deserves, prolong the professional colour you paid for and get the best results for your hair at home. A must-have at-home hair care product for anyone who loves that ash blonde look – be it balayage, highlights or a global head bleach application. The Kerastase Ultra-Violet Masque is an excellent choice for anyone looking to maintain their hair’s vibrancy and health. Get yours today and enjoy the beautiful, healthy hair you deserve!

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